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Pharma Contract Manufacturing 2019 Agenda

Pharma Contract Manufacturing 2019 Agenda

Europe’s leading pharma contract manufacturing conference is back for 2019! This years brand new agenda includes case studies and interactive sessions focused on the key challenges in optimising relationships with your external partner network.

This is the industries leading forum for discussions with top pharma companies on how to manage communications with CMOs, build strategic partnerships in an ever growing landscape of potential partners and optimise your global supply and manufacturing capabilities.

With a far more interactive format than large exhibitions, PCM 2019 will spend two whole days focusing on how to overcome the key obstacles in coherent relationships with CMO partners and is designed to ensure that you bring back best practices in improving established relationships and developing new ones. 
Entering Unfamiliar Markets: CMO Selection & Management in Latin America

Entering Unfamiliar Markets: CMO Selection & Management in Latin America

Emerging markets can be highly competitive in terms of price when looking to outsource manufacturing, and with many technology advances they are catching up in with more developed regions in other areas.

We spoke to Luiz Barberini, Operations Manager - External Manufacturing Latin America, Bayer to discuss with him the latest trends and opportunities, and the specific challenges of outsourcing in a less developed regions. 

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This piece will cover:

  • The latest trends and opportunities for sponsors in the LatAm region
  • The opportunities provided by emerging markets 
  • Issues that arise with geographical separation when managing a successful partnership

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